La Picadora: A Case Study in Cuban Agroecotourism

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International Journal of Cuban Studies

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Summer 2021


Agroecotourism is growing worldwide, with a Latin American focus on both cultural and environmental sustainability. In this case study, the authors immersed themselves in the seven-year-old agroecotourism venture of La picadora, living among neighbours and conducting formal interviews with 14 persons to learn about agricultural practices, hosting approaches, and the effects of tourism on life at La picadora. Results showed a community practising and committed to sustainable use of land and human resources, and revealed agricultural practices typical of broader Cuba. Foods served to tourists reflected a combination of Cuban tradition and ingredient availability. Residents noted cultural and monetary benefits of welcoming tourists to their communities. In conclusion, the La picadora collective is a microcosm of sustainable tourism, affecting and affected by broader socioeconomic forces. It is likely that this early agroecotourism adopter will become a model for other Cuban visitor hubs operating outside traditional beach-based ventures.


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