Remarks on Transversally F-Biharmonic Maps

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Conference Proceeding

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BSG Proceedings 21. The International Conference “Differential Geometry and Dynamical Systems

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Transversally f-biharmonic maps are different from f-biharmonic maps, and they generalize transversally biharmonic maps [7]. We show that if the transversal f-tension field of a map ψ of foliated Riemannian manifolds is a transversal Jacobi field and φ is a transversally totally geodesic map, then the transversal f-tension field of the composition φ◦ψ is a transversal Jacobi field. We also investigate the transversal stress f-bienergy of a map ψ of foliated Riemannian manifolds.


The definitive article appears on the website of the Balkan Society of Geometers (BSG). This paper and other from this proceedings are openly available online at: http://www.mathem.pub.ro/proc/.

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