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The Journal of Positive Psychology

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Research in the field of positive psychology has revealed many advantages of positive emotions. According to the undoing hypothesis (Fredrickson & Levenson, 1998), positive affect can undo the physiological effects of negative emotion. The present study examined whether positive emotions could undo the cognitive effects of negative emotion. A letter identification task was used to measure changes in cognitive processing of 86 college students who were induced into a positive, negative, or neutral affective state by viewing various film clips. The results of this study provided preliminary support for the hypothesis that positive emotions undo the cognitive effects of negative emotions.

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Melissa Falkenstern, Holly H. Schiffrin, S. Katherine Nelson, Lyndsey Ford & Christina Keyser (2009) Mood over matter: can happiness be your undoing?, The Journal of Positive Psychology, 4:5, 365-371, DOI: 10.1080/17439760902992415

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