UMW's annual Research & Creativity Symposium showcases undergraduate research and creative projects conducted throughout the academic year under the mentorship and guidance of expert faculty. Departments from across the University are represented in this symposium, and projects are in a variety of formats, including performances, exhibitions, poster presentations, creative writing, and more. If you are an author and would like to change the availability of your project, please contact


Submissions from 2020

The Roman Dogma of Animal Breeding: "Bark"aeological Findings Reveal the Effects of Selective Pressures on Roman Dogs, Ariane Akhand

Finding Quiyough: A Preliminary Site Report for 44ST1164, Rick Altenburg, Claire Ross, and Madalyn Sadler


Margaret's Menagerie, Alexis Anderson, Gillian Brown, Sarai David, Meredith Glasco, Tanner Herndon, Emily Hilbert, Tessa Honeycutt, Jonni Hower, Brittany Johnson, Jordan Petty, and Alana White

The Effects of Gender, Discipline, and Scientist Advocacy on Perceptions of Credibility and Motivations, Kathryn Arntsen, Kayln Clinkenbeard, Madeleine McGann, and Rebekah Stone

Japanese Whaling and the International Whaling Commission, Téa Barndt


Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 362) Posters: Benevolent Sexism on Perceived Competence and Indirect Aggression in Women, Elsa Baumgartner, Emily Beitzell, Avery Prater, and Marissa Walia

Caregivers’ Failure Mindset, Helicopter Parenting, and Emerging Adults’ Intelligence Mindset, Nichole Boigegrain

Connect Fred: Enhancing Trail Connectivity through Historic Fredericksburg, Brenden Bowman, Megan Weeks, Lily Eghtessad, Isabella Gordineer, Rachael Thayer, Winnie Cargill, Megan Milonovich, Jonathan Montgomery, Garek Hannigan, Jenna Wood, Dylan Burkett, Claire Parkey, Maxwell Gorman, and Jerry Slezak

Owning the Birthing Room: Self-advocacy and Proof of Authority in Seventeenth Century Midwifery Manuals, H. Sumner Bridenbaugh


The Imitation Game | VR Concept, Alyssa Brown


Assessing the presence and concentrations of microplastics in the gizzards of Virginia waterfowl, Thomas Bustamante


Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 362) Posters: The Relationship Between Social Anxiety, Social Rejection, and Retaliation Aggression, Jaime Cañas, Leah Saling, Ramon Owens, and Kaitlyn Ownbey

Vegetius and Julius Caesar: A Proper Roman General, William Carpenter

How to Create an AR poster, Devin Carson


Investigating reproductive success and endocrine regulation of mating strategies in male medaka, Lauren Closs


Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 362) Posters: The Relationship Between Weight Perception, Perfectionism, & Level of Athletic Participation With Disordered Eating, Meaghan Comer, Maddie Shifflett, Rachel Tafoya, and Eva Waszak

The Geometry of Surfaces and its Applications Using Mathematica, K. Corbett

Between Life and Death: Pregnant Women in the Nazi Concentration Camps, Grace Corkran


Food Waste, Damon Cox


Deterministic and Stochastic Models for HIV-1 Dynamics, Amy Creel


The impacts of pH on trace contaminant leaching and toxicity of coal ash in Planorbella duryi, Catherine Crowell

Leonardo's Versions of the Rocks, Sarai David

An Economic Base Analysis of Virginia in 2012 and 2017, Beau De Koninck and Tom Meldrum


Generosity of Spirit: Faith, Democracy, and Grace in Marilynne Robinson's Gilead, Elisabeth DellaRova

The Relationship Between Dopamine, Novelty Seeking, and Cognitive Flexibility, Haley Dunnavant, Brighton Payne, Bethany Pierce, Maddox Robinson, and Haley Turczynski


The Influence of Polyethylene Nanoplastics on The Toxicity of Methoxychlor on D. magna, Thanh-Binh Duong


The Presence, Distribution, and Concentration of Microplastics In the Lower Basin of the Chesapeake Bay, USA Near Wastewater Treatment Plants, Thanh-Binh Duong


Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 362) Posters: Manipulated Arousal and the Threat-Focus Effect on Memory, John Duvall II, Vivian Hyatt, Alexander Lee, and Katie Treichler

Hair and Power in Ovidian Elegy: A Discussion of Feminine Dominance and the Hair Apparent, Lydia Eisenberg

Interpersonal Violence in the Context of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, Abigail Farley


Fantasmas o Fantasia: Un Análisis de Casa tomada, Christopher Good

Arabic to Urdu: The Journey of Semantics, Anushah Hassan


Sublethal Effects of Sulfoxaflor Pesticide on Physiology and Behavior of Daphnia magna, Mary Hoffman


Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 362) Posters: The Interaction Between Stress and Boredom and Their Relationship With Emotional Eating, Megan Hook, Amelia Jones, Erin Pierce, and Kelsey Yates

Challenging Bosnian Women's Identity as Rape Victims: The Fetishization of Sexual Violence in Post-Conflict Discourse, Rebecca Jacobi

Live Sound Reinforcement Comprehensive Study, Javon Jones

Effect of Higher Education on Opioid Overdose Deaths: A Case Study of the US, Nicholas Maksimowicz and Patrick George

COMM 491: Digital Writing & Design, Megan Marzzacco


The effect of a possible glioblastoma treatment on somatic cells, Emily Matuczinski and Ashley Parkhurst


Evaluation of Metal Contamination and Soil Properties at Former Mine Sites in Poland, Kaitlyn McClung and Emily Brooks

Allied Contributions to Post 9/11 Wars, Rachel McVicker


Carbon Sequestration and Storage Estimates of Landscaped Trees on the University of Mary Washington Campus, Daniel Milliken

The Effect of Internet Download Speeds on Income in a County, Zachary Milnes


What Is CBD And Why Should Employers Be Aware?, Leslie Miyazono


A Guide for Creating Great VR Storyboards: Planning to Make Your Virtual Vision a Reality, Cristina Montemorano

The Death of a Poet: Ovid's references to Horace in Amores 1.15 and Tristia 3.3, Matthew Nelson


Effects of Probiotics on Inflammatory Responses in Neuronal Tissue, Laura O’Dea, Meredith LeBel, and Nicole Haynes


Oxygen isotope variability in Crassostrea Virginica shell from the Chesapeake Bay: applications to regional paleoclimate, Cheyenne Palmo

Barriers to Implementing Educational Technology in Higher Education, Daniel Pan

Depots and Dollars: A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Federal Spending on Preservation in Urban and Rural Communities, Claire Parkey

Minimum Wage and Fast Food Employment, Siddhartha Rao

Making Sense of Time: Using a 2-Cent Coin to Follow the Johnson Family from Sherwood Forest Plantation to Fredericksburg, Delaney Resweber

Victorian Identity and Material Culture, Claire Ross

Manipulation of the Greeks Within Black-Scholes, Bryce Runey


An Archaeological Analysis of a Possible Slave Quarter on the Little Falls Plantation in Southern Stafford County, Lillian Salamone, Laurence King, and Kathleen Keith


Exposure effects of thiamethoxam on the viability, growth, and behavior of Physa acuta, Spencer Saunders

Idealized Representations of Alcatraz Federal Prison, Tara Scroggins

An Interview with Petrarch: The Humanist World Cup, Grace Smith

UMW Theatre Remote Production of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Anson Stevie, Erin Schoff, Ethan Pearson, Genesis Simmons, Grace Weaver, Hannah Chester, Ivan Quiroga, Jackson Miles, Jessica Elkins, Madeline Petroskey, Matthew Monaghan, Megan Dinneen, Mina Sollars, Mitch Coomer, Nathan Marshak, Olivia Harrington, Oscar Leon, Rachel Williamson, Shannon Nichols, Shaun McBride, Thomas Kelleher, and William Pineda

Embryonic development of the stress hormone axis in two model teleost species, Rachel Summers

Error Related Negativity and Moderate Exercise, Jade Turner, Peyton Dunow, Samara Wong, and Julie Boynton

The Effect of Helicopter Parenting on the Prosocial Behaviors of Emerging Adults, Erin Whitesell, Miranda Batte-Futrell, Christine Cao, and Nichole Boigegrain

What has happened to U.S. Inflation? The Effect of Globalization on the Phillip's Curve, Brandon Williams