Somos el mundo: Global Medical Education for Children

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Oral Presentation

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Department of Modern Languages and Literatures


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Bocaz, Maria Laura


As part of the Global Health Fellowship hosted by the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), two activity workbooks were produced to educate the FIMRC youth population in Huancayo, Peru about two major health topics, violence and the five senses. These workbooks were written and illustrated in conjunction with the Dale la Mano program in Huancayo, Peru, which is targeted toward greater access to health services and education for young Peruvian Children. Each workbook was designed with a story and various activities pertaining to either violence or the five senses, and followed a style similar to the popular magazine, Highlights. The workbook on violence, “Las aventuras de José y Juana,” was approximately 68 pages, and sought to teach children about physical, psychological, and sexual violence, from the perspective of two fictional alpaca children. The workbook on the five senses, “Hecho con amor,” was approximately 30 pages, and utilized the story of a young boy and his grandmother cooking a traditional Peruvian dish, Papa a la huancaína, to demonstrate the five senses. Each workbook contained educational but enjoyable activities to encourage the children to recognize and speak out about the different types of violence, and to observe their sensory environment from a health perspective. Together, these workbooks were and continue to be used in both FIMRC sites in Peru, to further the global health awareness of impoverished children and their families.

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