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Biological Sciences


College of Arts and Sciences

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Agrawal, Swati


Bacteriophages, or phages, are virus particles which are only capable of infecting bacterial cells (Clokie et al.). These phages are of interest as a potential replacement for antibiotic therapies in cases of drug resistant bacterial infections (Sulakyelidz et al. 2001). One such phage, Grumio, was discovered and isolated at the University of Mary Washington. As a recently discovered phage there was very little known about it, such as the specific sequences of DNA responsible for its infection of certain strains of bacteria. By analyzing this genetic material, the genomic sequences responsible for the phages ability to infect certain strains of bacteria as well as other functions of the final virus particle may be discovered. To accomplish this, the complete sequence of DNA is analyzed and annotated using the program DNAMaster to provide a reference for future work of the notable features within the genome. This annotation includes the identification of likely gene sequences as well as assessments of these sequences for potential functions. The resulting final annotation of the bacteriophage genome will then be submitted to be included in the PhagesDB as a reference for future work with Grumio or other similar bacteriophages.

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Biology Commons