The possibility of an Intelligent Designer

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Oral Presentation

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Classics, Philosophy, and Religion


College of Arts and Sciences

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Aminarazavi, Mehdi


Attribute of design are complexity, structure, function, art, and intentionality. When an intelligent designer designs it is with a specific function in mind. Even if an intelligent designer makes adjustments to a product it is because there is a plan or function for the product. Philosophically, for the same reason we can look at a piece of art and know an artist designed it and know that it is not an accidental mixture of colors on a canvas, we can observe nature and life on Earth and assume that its cause was not accidental. Similarly, we observe cave writings and paintings and equate them to the intentional mark or design of early humans, philosophically one observes the universe and finds some sort of intentionality and signs of an intelligent designer. In the words of William Demski, “Nature does exhibit observable features of being a product of intelligent agency” (Dembski, 2002)