COVID-19 Through Nepali Teachers’ Perspectives

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Oral Presentation

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Department of Sociology and Anthropology


College of Arts and Sciences

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Martin, Leslie


The Nepali education system has been affected by the extensive spread of COVID-19. Before the pandemic, Nepal was in a period of growth regarding educational policy after suffering from a civil conflict that lasted 10 years (Valente 2015; Parker et al. 2013). Although Nepal was in the process of recovering, they have a considerable digital divide with a lack of Internet access for many citizens (Mandal, 2020). Nepal has supplemented the lack of Internet access with TVs, radios, and phones (Dhamala 2020; Radhakrishnan-Nair et al. 2020; UNESCO 2020). Because the pandemic is current, there is a lack of research on how COVID-19 and the lack of Internet access have affected the teachers in the Nepali education system. In our research, we investigate Nepali teachers’ perspectives of COVID-19 affecting the education system.