"Untitled: Into the Mind of Margaret Sutton"

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Department of Art and Art History


College of Arts and Sciences

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Och, Marjorie


This semester students working on the New York painter Margaret Sutton '26 were struck by the number of works the artist left untitled. When the works came to Mary Washington in 1993, gallery staff catalogued hundreds of untitled paintings, drawings, and sketches using descriptive terms. A daunting task considering Sutton's fantastic imagery and the number of works to consider! Without a title the viewer is left to imagine and create significance on their own. Sutton encourages us, over and over, to be creative and playful, to check our experiences and define them within a fantastic environment that offers little certainty. The mind of Margaret Sutton remains a mystery, but the artist opens a door for our own minds to search for meaning. "Untitled: Into the Mind of Margaret Sutton" is the spring 2021 exhibition produced by students in ARTH 317: Laboratory in Museum Studies, and exhibited in the Phyllis Ridderhof Martin Gallery at UMW from April 8 through August 1, 2021, and in the online exhibition. http://margaretsutton.maochclasses.org/2021-into-the-mind/