Shakespeare in the Modern Classroom


Madison Simpson

Streaming Media

Project Type

Oral Presentation

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College of Education

Faculty Mentor #1

Davis, Janine


This project is a demonstration of my time in both the College of Education and the English Department here at UMW. As the COE has taught me, the classroom is a constantly changing environment, and, unfortunately classrooms today aren't necessarily changing with their students. I created 4 units surrounding Shakespeare's Macbeth in hopes of creating an example of how teachers can use technology to make older texts, like Shakespeare valuable for their students. Each unit covers the same type of material, but modifies how the information is presented by grade level, adapting to the different Virginia SOLs for each grade. The following link is the link to my project, contained on a Google Site in order to provide the easiest navigation tool. You can visit my site here! Link is also listed in the descriptionhttps://sites.google.com/view/modernchakespearecapstone/home