Date of Award

Spring 5-15-2015

Document Type

Education 530 Project

Degree Name

Master of Education



First Advisor

Davis, Janine

Major or Concentration



In this study, the researcher utilized a mindfulness-­based technique of silent reflection and guided thinking in order to see how mindfulness could affect students' responses to literature and students' behavior as part of the learning environment. Before taking part in the class routine of journal writing, students were asked to simply think and reflect on the topic to gather their thoughts before attempting to write their responses as well as potentially calm them down from the chaos of a high school hallway. This study was inspired by recent studies in the field of mindfulness that suggest that it can increase concentration, focus, empathy, and reduce stress (Carboni, 2012; Noggle, et al., 2012; Rosenthal, Grosswald, Ross, & N. Rosenthal, 2011; Van de Weijer­Bergsma, Formsma, De Bruin, & Bogels, 2011). This study adds to the growing field of research concerning mindfulness in the classroom, specifically the calming and focusing benefits that potentially help students gain a deeper understanding of literature as well as create an environment conducive to learning.

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Education Commons