Date of Award

Spring 5-5-2016

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Education 530 Project

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Master of Education



First Advisor

Causarano, Penny

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Grammar in the classroom is often set aside as a minor part of the curriculum. This study analyzed why grammar is difficult to incorporate in the classroom as well as how that can be changed. Strategies that might impact the way grammar is taught in the classroom include cooperative learning among small groups, Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD), Teams-Games-Tournament (TGT), and online quizzing formats, such as Kahoot! and No Red Ink. The mixed method study analyzed whether these strategies have an influence over student retention of grammatical rules and their usage in writing in the 9th grade Language Arts classroom. As it turns out, teaching grammar through cooperative learning and competition does not have a significant effect on student improvement on grammar skills. Students from the treatment group, however, demonstrated more enthusiasm for incorporating games in order to learn the concept.

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