Date of Award

Spring 4-28-2016

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Education 530 Project

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Master of Education



First Advisor

Reynolds, Patricia

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Technology has become second nature to today's students. Because of this comfort, adding technology to the classroom has become more and more popular in schools everywhere. Technology not only excites students, but also holds their focus and keeps them on takes. For teachers, technology opens up a whole new window to more activities, games, and lesson for all subjects. Technology can also make information and learning possible for students who do not have access to certain subjects. Unfortunately, foreign language programs are growing smaller in schools across the country due to a lack of resources. Technology is a great solution to this problem. Technology can also elevate a student's language learning experience. This mixed methods research sought to see if adding technology, specifically virtual immersion, to a Spanish class would help with the student's vocabulary acquisition. Likert scale surveys and interviews were also implemented to gauge the students' opinions on the virtual immersion process.

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