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Education 590 Project

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Master of Education



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Abeel, Laurie

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Preschool for children may be the first experience in a structured setting with a teacher. A preschool environment can be an opportunity to build and increase a child’s language acquisition. The primary focus of this research project was to analyze two types of teacher language when interacting with preschool children, open-ended and closed-ended dialogue. The project sought to determine how these two types of teacher language impact language acquisition for preschool children. The project began with a literature review of types of teacher language and the impact of language acquisition for preschool children. Action research involving one on one adult child interactions was facilitated by a count of a child’s words in response to open-ended and closed-ended questioning. This study found that preschool children will increase their words spoken when asked open-ended questions as compared to closed-ended questions. Teachers need to be cognizant of the impact of open-ended questioning to provide opportunities for children to increase their words which can then promote extended back and forth conversations. The research document includes recommendations for practice to support children’s language acquisition through the use of open-ended dialogue.

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