Date of Award

Fall 12-16-2019

Document Type

Education 590 Project

Degree Name

Master of Education



Department Chair or Program Director

Dr. Huffman, Jane L.

First Advisor

Dr. Reynolds, Patricia

Major or Concentration



Many schools tend to emphasize extracurricular activities or academics in their school culture, however it is important that both school culture pillars should not just coexist but enhance each other. The objective of the research was to investigate educators’ perceptions of the role of academics in establishing the culture of a school, and the frameworks of school culture that educators feel should be in place to integrate academics and extracurricular activities. Teacher interviews were conducted to determine the role academics have in developing school culture along with the integration of academics and extracurricular activities (ECA). While there is a great deal of research on the positive impact of ECA on academics, there is little scholarship on the role of classroom academics in establishing a school’s culture. Understanding the intersection of academics and ECA in school culture will help to maximize the exposure that all students should receive for their accomplishments no matter the area in which they are attained.

Keywords: school culture, academics, extracurricular activities, establishing