Crisis and Confidence: An interviewer’s approach to school crisis management

Date of Award

Winter 12-10-2019

Document Type

Education 590 Project

Degree Name

Master of Education



Department Chair or Program Director

Tyler, Jo

First Advisor

Reynolds, Patricia

Major or Concentration



With the seemingly increasing school crises and shootings, it is important to create plans and procedures that instill a sense of security and confidence for those being informed of those plans. Unfortunately, many of those involved in schools do not openly discuss their plans for crisis situations. The objective of this research was to look into what measures can be successfully implemented to increase staff and parent confidence in a school’s ability to safeguard the children. For this project, in-depth interviews with various individuals were conducted to explore their different perspectives. This research provided much insight into the thoughts and beliefs of those who operate in and around the school environment. For this project interviews with three of the four proposed parties were conducted. Through the analysis of those three interviews, different opinions and beliefs about the proper measures that can be taken were found but a concrete answer to what measures to be taken was unable to be reached. More information and inputs from more teachers, administrators, parents and resource officers will be needed to create a comprehensive plan for improvement.

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