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Education 590 Project

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Master of Education



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Abeel, Laurie

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Research has shown that gifted children are, as a group, perfectionists (Neihart, Reis, Robinson & Moon, 2002). While there is no direct correlation between gifted students and perfectionism it is strongly linked in several other studies ( Adelson, 2007; Chan, 2003 (Neumeister, Williams, & Cross, 2007). Perfectionism is a compulsive behavior that debilitates students, leaving them emotionally unable to complete a task or be satisfied with their final product (Adelson, 2007) . Even though research shows perfectionism is a struggle for gifted learners (Neumeister, Williams, & Cross, 2007), many teachers do not address these emotional needs. The Multidimensional Perfectionist Scale, developed by Frost, Marten, Lahart and Rosenblate (2006) was used as the basis for the questions asked of the students. Through observation, research, and student journaling, I implemented a variety of coping strategies for perfectionist behaviors to determine which were most effective in the lower elementary gifted learner. The final project includes a report of the findings of the best intervention and coping strategies for early elementary students with perfectionism.

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