Date of Award

Fall 11-22-2020

Document Type

Education 590 Project

Degree Name

Master of Education



Department Chair or Program Director

Dr. Jane Huffman

First Advisor

Dr. Nancy Guth

Major or Concentration



Second career teachers are a rapidly growing demographic within the teacher population. However, little research on second career teachers exists. Most of the available literature on second career teachers deals with their motivations for switching careers and the strengths they bring to the classroom. There is a particularly stark lack of research concerning the preparedness of second career teachers during their first year in the classroom. The goal of this research was to investigate preparedness of second career teachers relative to traditional career path teachers. Active teachers with Master’s degrees in education were surveyed to measure feelings of preparedness to teach post-graduation relative to career path. A specific aim of this study was to identify differences in second career and traditional career path teacher preparedness that can be addressed in teacher education programs.