Date of Award

Fall 12-8-2019

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Education 590 Project

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Master of Education



Department Chair or Program Director

Irish, Christy

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Tyler, Jo

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Students in small rural high schools are an overlooked group of students in this country. The push for students to go to college seems to be common across the United States; however, that might not be the case for every group of students. Small rural high school students are a unique set of students when it comes to college because it is not always considered the biggest priority for these sets of households. The smaller rural high schools are majority filled with students of lower socioeconomic status (Hardre, & Reeve, 2003; Meendering, Kranz, Shafrath, & McCrmack, 2016). A lot of lower socioeconomic status students are first-generation college students, which are students that are the first in their family to go to college. These students could struggle with money, course loads, and the many adjustments that must occur when a student goes to college for the first time (McCullogh, 2016). That is something we must look at to make changes to support these students with their futures. It is not always about what makes students successful, but why might they fail or stop trying at what the world sees as a better future. It is important to see where these students go to see what or if any improvements can be made to help them succeed. Because it is becoming harder for someone without a college degree to succeed in today’s society, these issues will need to be addressed.

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