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Honors Project

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Ohl, Jessy

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Bachelor of Arts

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English, Linguistics, and Communication


Through auto-ethnography I reflect on being simultaneously Same and Other and connect it to research of Othering. Othering is the process by which individuals, groups, and populations are evaluated based on social conventions and categorized in ways that are objectifying, unflattering, and violent. "Others" are those who are marginalized and seen as "less;" whereas those who are "Same" fit societal norms. Oftentimes, people of mixed race are positioned somewhere in between being Same and Other -- not fully identifying with one or the other. Those who are Same and Other are left navigating this space in between. Many times, those in the middle are made to feel "less" and as though they must "pick" one identity over the other. However through research on Othering, on being simultaneously Same and Other, and through personal reflection, I argue that those who are positioned in the space in between do not need to "pick" one identity over the other. Rather, those who identify as being simultaneously Same and Other must incorporate both of their "selves" into one singular mode of being and are called to celebrate their mixed identity.



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