Kenmore Park: A Playground Redesign

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Oral Presentation

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Department or Program

Historic Preservation


College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Mentor #1

Smith, Andrea


In the spring semester of 2022, nine seniors from Mary Washington’s Department of Historic Preservation took on the task of a conceptual redesign of the playground at Kenmore Park. The students used diverse methods of research and planning in order to create a new design that would be accessible, safe, fun, and engaging. The team started with research on the history and theory surrounding playgrounds in America. In addition, students researched the history of Kenmore Park and conducted on-site evaluations of the playground. Another important part of the students’ research was the creation of a survey questionnaire aimed at caregivers; students also conducted in-person interviews with some caregivers and children during visits to various playgrounds. The survey and interviews provided valuable feedback relating to design preferences and priorities of those who would use the redesigned playground. Based on he information gathered through this research, the team worked as a group to design a playground themed around Fredericksburg’s past and present. The design process used a variety of tools, including a scaled LEGO model and a 3D model created in Sketchup. Through this collaborative process, the students have produced a new design for Kenmore Park’s playground focusing on a range of accessibility, safety, and social goals. Ultimately, this project provided students the opportunity to use many research methods and design processes relevant to work in the urban planning field.