Cooperative Learning in Secondary Mathematics

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Oral Presentation

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Department of Mathematics


College of Arts and Sciences

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Sheckels, Marie


Cooperative learning, or CL, is an instructional model commonly used in schools across the country, especially in mathematics. It involves the use of small group learning where students work collaboratively towards a common goal. Throughout my semester-long independent study, I researched how to incorporate cooperative learning into the secondary mathematics classroom and then made various lessons based on my findings. This presentation will discuss the meaning behind the term cooperative learning, its history, its benefits for both students and teachers, and why educators should consider incorporating this instructional practice into their classrooms. I will also discuss the various types and models of cooperative learning that I found in my research, along with best practices for how to successfully implement CL activities in the classroom. Finally, I will describe two mathematics lessons that I designed which incorporate various types and best practices of cooperative learning that I discovered throughout my research.

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