Lina Ewell


Spring 4-24-2015

Document Type

Education 530 Project

First Advisor

Gardner, Roberta P.

Degree Name

Master of Science

Major or Concentration

Elementary Education

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Play is a very important element in a child's literacy development. Play can provide meaningful experiences that promote literacy skills and strategies while also allowing opportunities for oral language development. In addition, students are given the opportunity for further exploration and discovery of both themselves and their surroundings. Learning is a social process and play, in turn, becomes a tool. My study contributes to previous research as I aim to gain a deeper understanding of how play affects literacy development. More specifically, I have examined how literacy-based play influences emergent comprehension skills of kindergarten students. The period of emergent comprehension is a crucial component towards a students' literacy success. During this period, students gain exposure to necessary skills and strategies needed when entering into the world of reading. Through qualitative data collection, results indicate positive influences of literacy-based play on student application of comprehension skills and strategies.



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