Maggie Stough

Date of Award

Spring 4-30-2015

Document Type

Honors Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


English, Linguistics, and Communication

First Advisor

Pineda, Jon

Major or Concentration

English (Creative Writing Concentration)


They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, but what do you do when there's too many dogs to walk, two postmenopausal muggers on the loose, and one unexpected pregnancy? That's for MJ McCormick to find out. Upon taking a pregnancy test in a coffee shop bathroom one afternoon, she soon finds herself grappling with the reality of a strange genetic condition, its religious connotations, and her family's secrets. Take What You Can Carry is a novella written by Maggie Stough for her Creative Writing Fiction Seminar during the Fall 2014 semester.