Spring 5-1-2020

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Garmon, Carole

Second Advisor

Jesionowski, Rosemary

Department Chair or Program Director

McMillan, Jon

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts

Major or Concentration

Studio Art

Department or Program

Art and Art History


In this portfolio, Tara Meeks showcases her best artwork from her Studio Art coursework at the University of Mary Washington. Including both oil painting and photography, Meeks investigates the everyday through the traces of the recent past.

Image list:

“Frequently”, oil on panel, 2020, 27 x 20”

“Sixty-three Years”, oil on canvas, 2020, 36 x 24”

“Ajar”, oil on panel, 2020, 30 x 40”

“Ten _______ Ago”, oil on panel, 2020, 42.5 x 32”

“Body”, oil on panel, 2019, 27” x 37”

“Sunday Afternoon”, oil on canvas, 2019, 30” x 40”

“Visiting Home”, oil on panel, 2019, 30 x 40”

“Small Grove”, oil on cardboard, 2019, 11 x 14”

“Stairs I”, silver gelatin print, 2019, 8 x 10”

“Dropped Phone”, silver gelatin print, 2019, 10 x 8”