Date of Award

Fall 11-22-2020

Document Type

Education 590 Project

Degree Name

Master of Education



Department Chair or Program Director

Huffman, Jane

First Advisor

Tyler, Jo

Second Advisor

Vernimb, Peter

Major or Concentration



Educators across the country are struggling to effectively manage disruptive behaviors associated with students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) while creating a productive learning environment. When classroom and music teachers work with special education teachers to understand the behaviors associated with ADHD and incorporate facets of music education and therapy proven beneficial to students with ADHD into their lesson plans, they should see a decrease in undesired behaviors as well as an increase in student engagement. The goal of this research is to determine how ADHD affects students’ learning and the classroom environment, examine studies which demonstrate the benefits of music in its various forms for those who experience symptoms of ADHD and/or related to the comorbidities associated with AHDH , and to provide music and classroom teachers tools they can use in their classrooms to support students with ADHD while effectively managing the classroom environment. A meta-analysis of recent research and data will be conducted in order to identify challenges existing for students with ADHD, their peers and their teachers, and the benefits of music in a variety of forms on ADHD and its comorbidities. Through careful examination of research on these topics, both needs and possible solutions will be identified which will provide the foundation for further research.

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