Date of Award

Spring 4-21-2022

Document Type

Honors Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Sociology and Anthropology

Department Chair or Program Director

Marsh, Kristin

First Advisor

Citeroni, Tracy

Second Advisor

Levy, Ray

Third Advisor

Marsh, Kristin

Major or Concentration



This research aims to better understand the discriminatory health care experiences of transgender and gender nonconforming adults. Conducted through a non-positivist sociological methodology, a primary objective of this research is to uplift transgender and other gender nonconforming voices through a study of lived, personal health narratives. In open-forum, semi-structured interviews, eight participants were asked questions relating to their health narratives, including questions concerning health care experiences and any encounters with discriminatory behaviors/actions by medical professionals and/or other medical affiliated personnel (i.e., receptionists, community health advisors, pharmacists, etc.). Potential questions ranged in theme (but were not limited to): gender identity, gender expression, insurance, health care experiences, medical transition, medical providers, institutions, and social support. Results show five major findings among participants: Anticipated Incompetency/Discrimination, Healthcare Avoidance, Community Healing, Medicalizing Trans Identity, and Critical Care. The results of this study illuminate the reality of discrimination and transphobia experienced by transgender and gender nonconforming adults within the medical realm and encourages social movement towards amelioration of such injustice.