Date of Award

Spring 4-27-2023

Document Type

Honors Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


English and Linguistics

Department Chair or Program Director

Levin, Jonathan

First Advisor

Levy, Ray

Major or Concentration

English (Creative Writing Concentration)


Lady Winters is a young adult fantasy novella based in a world of royalty and assassins. The line between good and evil should be clear but recent events have blurred them. In the shadows, lurks a darkness that seeks to change the course of history.

In a futuristic kingdom, Lady Celestia Winters inherits debt and a kill list following the death of her parents. She takes over her mother’s position as an Academy Assassin and uses her training to work towards paying off the family debt. In charge of her assignments is the infamous Headmistress and Celestia’s newest target is Lord James Attley. This time, however, instead of eliminating her target, Celestia must protect him from whoever is killing off the line of succession to the throne. Despite her hesitation, Celestia takes the assignment and finds herself in a world of shadows where nothing is what it seems. Love threatens to get in the way of duty and that duty becomes increasingly complicated. Is the enemy really who Celestia thinks? Will she complete her assignment? Or, will her years of training take over and she fails?

Included in

Fiction Commons