Date of Award

Spring 4-24-2023

Document Type

Honors Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science



Department Chair or Program Director

Esunge, Julius

First Advisor

Denhere, Melody

Second Advisor

Esunge, Julius

Third Advisor

Hydorn, Debra

Major or Concentration



Insurance loss is an unpredicted event that stands at the forefront of the insurance industry. Loss in insurance represents the costs or expenses incurred due to a claim. An insurance claim is a request for the insurance company to pay for damage caused to an individual’s property. Loss can be measured by how much money (the dollar amount) has been paid out by the insurance company to repair the damage or it can be measured by the number of claims (claim count) made to the insurance company. Insured events include property damage due to fire, theft, flood, a car accident, etc. An actuary aims to calculate the probability of an insured event occurring. In this paper we take a set of existing auto insurance data and model it using the Gamma and Weibull distributions. We use method of moments and maximum likelihood estimation to obtain parameter estimates for each distribution. We divide the data into different attributes where we found that the 60+ age group has slightly different shape/scale parameters and there is no real difference between male and female drivers.