Computer Science at the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Mary Washington is a blend of theory and practical application. The department offers a program in Computer Science that matches the curricula guidelines for a program in Computer Science at a college of the liberal arts and sciences. The department also offers a program in Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. The department continually reviews and adjusts the content of its core courses, and develops new elective offerings. With creative planning, the department continually offers a highly regarded program. The department provides individual study and honors projects so that students can explore their own interests or participate in faculty research. In addition, students can intern or co-op with local and regional firms and agencies. For more information, visit the Computer Science webpage.


Submissions from 2023


A Targeted Study on the Match between Cybersecurity Higher Education Offerings and Workforce Needs, Diane Murphy, Nektaria Tryfona, and Andrew M. Marshall

Submissions from 2022


Combined Hierarchical Matching: the Regular Case, Serdar Erbatur, Andrew M. Marshall, and Christophe Ringeissen

Submissions from 2020


A Cool Brisk Walk Through Discrete Mathematics, Stephen Davies


The Effect of Gender on Student Self-Assessment in Introductory Computer Science Classes, Ian Finlayson

Submissions from 2017


The Twin Impact of Homophily and Accessibility on Ideological Polarization, Stephen Davies