Segregation in Virginia’s National Parks, 1916–1965 (Story Map)

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This StoryMap examines National Park Service (NPS) segregation policy and how it was applied at six national parks in Virginia before the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibited segregation in places of public accommodation such as parks, theaters, courthouses, sports arenas, hotels, and restaurants. These six case study parks were chosen based on available archival materials and surviving resources on the landscape associated with segregation. The StoryMap is based on a published NPS report, Segregation in Virginia’s National Parks, 1916–1965 (2022) .

Publisher Statement

This StoryMap is based on Segregation in Virginia's National Parks, 1916-1965 (2022) , commissioned by the National Park Service and principally authored by Dr. Erin Krutko Devlin. This StoryMap is a product of the National Park Service, developed in conjunction with University of Mary Washington faculty and students.