Introduction to Human Geography


Introduction to Human Geography


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This is a story about us. You and me. It is a story about connections. To each other. To the land. To the world we inhabit. Human Geography is fundamentally about our human experience of being in the world. It is a study of the way we organize, inhabit, and utilize the earth. We humans haven’t always had an easy road. We grapple with pandemics and famine. We wrestle with personal decisions, everything from what to eat to how to dress to what to do with our lives – decisions that other animals seem to not have to consider. In an effort to make things simple and easier, we tend to make things more complicated and now face problems that often feel beyond our capacity to solve.

And yet. Here we are. We come from an unbroken chain of human ancestors connecting us back to the first few people to walk this Earth. People who overcame. People who solved seemingly insurmountable problems. And so Human Geography is our collective story.

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Introduction to Human Geography